Friday, April 27, 2012

Waiting, and why I stink at it.

I am an impatient person.  I have been patient for the last 4 years while Jim was in school. But now that he has graduated and passed his boards I feel like each day that passes without a job offer, or really even a nibble of interest, is an eternity.  I'm sure it feels worse for him.

He had an interview last week with the Unit Mgr who runs the unit he currently works on as a PCA.  According to Jim the interview went well.  But.  The position they interviewed him for begins in June, and they haven't even posted the job online yet, meaning they can't officially offer it to him even if they wanted to.  And sooooooo my stretched thin patience is being tested.  And I'm trying not to constantly pester... did you hear anything today?  How about this afternoon?  How about in the last hour, anything?

I'm taking off from work early to pick up my niece, who is a freshman at Ohio State (2 minutes from my office) and take her home with me.  My parents are driving in from New York and will be at our house by the time I get home.  Em's first communion is tomorrow! Then a big party with her cousin the next day.   The weather isn't planning to cooperate, chilly and rainy.  Not great for wearing a sleeveless white dress but whatcha gonna do? Guess we'll throw her winter parka over it and hope it's warm in the church at least.

Next weekend is Jim's graduation, and another niece's graduation from college.  That should be fun.  My parents will be back for Jim's graduation on Saturday and then after dinner we're all driving to the town where my niece's graduation is happening going out to dinner together and we're all staying over in a nice hotel near the university.  Pool time for Emily! She can show off her new swimming skills to my mom and dad, she's quite the little fish.

So I wonder if he heard anything in the 10 minutes it took me to write this post.... I should text and ask.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


To all parents of grade school kids, are you with me on the fact that there is just TOO MUCH paper coming home from school with your child?  It's not just worksheets and drawings, it's permission slips, and reading logs, progress reports, report cards, Scholastic Book Club flyers, a weekly newsletter to parents, updates from the principal, info from the after-school program, the after school program reading log... 'TIS CRAZINESS I say. 

Some days I can barely get the kitchen table cleaned off so the 3 of us have room to eat.

I suppose it doesn't help that I'm also trying to get Emily signed up for activities over the summer so there are forms for those, plus medical release forms, and your 3 contacts in case of an emergency, oh yes, and then there are the forms for religious education classes next year, and a sign-up form for a group activity at church school next Sunday.... It is making me crazy.  Oh wait, then there's the sign-up forms for the next session of swim lessons at the YMCA. And next year's Food Action Plan from the school for her tree nut allergy and after school program to be filled out in triplicate.

I have this genius idea that if I had more time I would spearhead, I think that there should be an on-line database for the medical forms and emergency contact info on-line for each community.  A parent fills this out ONCE and then the school, after-school programs, YMCA, daycamps, summer camps and churches can all access the forms for the child in a centralized place when you give them a secure password.  Then if you change your child's pediatrician you only have to change the on-line form and all the places that utilize that form are instantly updated.  It's genius right?! Google Docs would be great for this. Someday I'll get on that. But for now I've got to get back to filling out permission slips.


Random Thoughts

So, a minor job update, Jim has his first interview tomorrow!

It's on the MICU floor he currently works on as a PCA so if he hadn't been asked to interview there I would have been REALLY surprised.  With the hiring freeze in place at the hospital system this is probably his one opportunity to be employed before the end of June.  So even though he would prefer NOT to work for the management on his current floor if they offered it to him he'll really have to consider it. He is also branching out and applying at one of the other major hospital systems just to get a feel for the interest level and pay differential between a not-for-profit and a for-profit.  He currently works for a not-for-profit Catholic hospital system.

The 6 month grace period on his student loans is up in June. Since he only took 10 credit hours during the spring semester he hasn't been considered a full-time student since December.

Emily's First Communion is in less than 2 weeks now.  Only 2 1/2 weeks until Jim's graduation and about 3 1/2 weeks until he leaves for Nicaragua. Life is rolling on!

Monday, April 9, 2012

NCLEX results!

.... and he passed!!! I really didn't have any doubt but it's nice to know for sure. So Jim is now a board certified BSN-RN. He got the results on Monday and then the official certificate showed up in the mail on Saturday. Here's hoping the next news I have to share is that he's nailed a job in his preferred dept, either ER, ICU, MICU or CICU, sense a theme? He likes drama, and lots of it to keep him on his toes!