Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Now what?

Busy day. Busy week. Busy mind. Full heart. And still the pull to add another little munchin to my family remains.

I am as professionally fulfilled as I could ever imagine possible right now. I'm in a place that as a new graduate 15 years ago (ugh that makes me feel old) with a degree in Visual Communication Design & Marketing newly under my belt I couldn't even have imagined.

Joe is 26 days and counting away from his last day of class. It feels so strange to think that chapter of our lives will be wrapping up. Joe studing, Joe going to class, Joe too tired or busy to do family activities, Joe working... again. Those constant refrains will end in 26 days. Whatever will we do with ourselves?

I feel like I have spent the last 4 years peering down a dark tunnel, knowing that if we just put our heads down and powered through good things would meet us on the other end. Then the light at the end of the tunnel started to glow. And now it is absolutely BLINDING, and I kind of wish for the safety of that tunnel again. It was safe, and small, and I knew what to expect. Now a whole new world is opening up to us, full of possibilities, experiences to be had, traveling to do... I don't know where to start!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 1

Today starts a new chapter for me professionally. Last week I accepted a promotion to Art Director.

I've mentioned before that I knew changes and a dept reorganization were coming soon but it really caught me off guard last week. I was prepped for my usual bi-weekly meeting with the VP of my dept., but when I walked into her office our HR rep was there and a whole lot of paperwork was on the desk. Now, if I hadn't been told multiple times over the past few months that good things were coming I think I would have had flashbacks to being laid off over 2 years ago. But this situation was obviously more positive. A nice flashy new title with a significant salary increase, 10 additional days of vacation, and let's not forget the pressure to live up to increased expectations. I still manage the same group of employees but there will be 3 new hires in the future that will help make my job more doable and allow me to concentrate my time and efforts on putting out good creative work.

We also ended up purchasing a new vehicle 2 weeks ago. We replaced Joe's ailing pick-up with a 2007 Hybrid Toyota Highlander which I am LOV-ING. My promotion eases some of the concern I had financially about taking on a car payment for the first time in 5 years.

So the year of big changes begin. Knock 2 items of the list, new car, new job... Hopefully other positive changes are not too far behind!