Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Day

I have had this countdown on my iPhone going for a year now. Started at 365 days, I remember vividly how odd it was to watch the time pass. 100 days left felt momentous. 50 days left felt like it was right around the corner. And today is Joe's (or as he is really known, Jim, I outed him here, but who cares, I think I'm over the fake names!) last exam. He has his Acute 407 Nursing Exam today, then right after he has to take the NCLEX predictor exam. The NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) are the state boards you have to pass to be licensed as an RN. The predictor exam is just to give you an idea of either how confident to be in your ability to pass this exam or to scare the pants off you and force you to go study 24/7 until your scheduled exam date.

We spent some time on Saturday getting together all the info needed for his application for the NCLEX. He had to have his photo taken and his application notarized and then submitted to the state, including $75 for the privilege of being tested. Hopefully the state will get all the info they need from his college indicating he completed the 4-year BSN program soon and he'll have his exam date scheduled for some time in March.

So let the applications begin! And the studying for the NCLEX. And the celebrating! Jim has tomorrow off, no school, no studying, no work.

On Wednesday he's spending the entire day at the Ohio State House for the Annual Nurses at the State House Day. Clever event title, no? Basically it's an opportunity to hear politicians talk about health care and their position and offer nurses the opportunity to present their concerns directly to political leaders. Jim is not a very politically motivated guy but the opportunity to have some face time and network with those who are was pretty appealing. His college offered to pay for his spot at the event (they invited 8 students to attend) so it seemed like a no brainer.

And now I try to get some work done while I wait to hear how he did on his exams... tick tock tick tock.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If you don't like it, just wait a month, it'll change.

That appears be the way of the world in my office. Constant reorganizations, shifting of team members. It's becoming... a bit much. I mean seriously, we used to just joke if you didn't like your job or your team just wait a month and it will change. Now it is every 2 weeks a new org chart is submitted for a new dept. I'm having a hard time keeping track of who I need to congratulate on a new role and who I need to remember to touch base with before they leave the organization. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. I have reached max capacity for change. Seriously.

On the home front, Joe has 6 days left of school. SIX. Yikes.

Plus we are in the middle of planning some big events for April, May and June of this year.
Hold on to your hats, here's the agenda:

April 28, Saturday: Little One's First Communion
April 29, Sunday: My niece's first communion in a city an hour away, followed by a combined party for the 2 of them
May 4, Friday: pinning ceremony for Joe's nursing school graduating class
May 5, Saturday: Joe's Official Graduation Ceremony
May 6, Sunday: my niece's college graduation in a town an hour away
May 12-16: Joe in Nicaragua on a medical mission trip
June 21-25: Me traveling for a Design Conference in Boston
June 31: my parent's 50th anniversary celebration (4 days of fun and frivolity, but hosted by me and my 5 siblings so lots of work & planning to do)

I'm exhausted just thinking about all the fun. Not to mention that all of these events involve having various family members staying at my house, which means I need to play hostess on top of it all. O. M. G. At least these are all good things, but YIKES.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Is back on the agenda for Joe! For 5 days in May he'll be heading out on a mission trip with fellow Nurses, senior nursing students, MDs and medical students. The Professor organizing the trip purchased the plane tickets over the weekend and get a great deal, so it's officially on. I blogged about this trip in more detail here. I'm nervous to have him gone but so excited for him to experience this trip. By May he'll have graduated and most likely taken and passed the NCLEXs so he'll be traveling as a certified BSN, RN. I KNOW he'll get so much out of giving back!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Taking Back My Living Room...

AND my kitchen, AND my office.

I swear, the one small(ish) person in our home has somehow completely taken over the space. There is a fort in the living room that has taken over at last 25% of the space, the ottomans from the family room have been moved into the remaining space and set with placemats, coasters and pretend menus to transform the remaining space into a restaurant by this same little person. There's also a double stroller for dolls that somehow got ditched here after taking some babies for a stroll. You can't even WALK in this room to get to the thermostat and turn up the heat or feed the fish. It's ridiculous and it's driving me crazy. So that is my overriding mission for this weekend, I will TAKE BACK MY SPACE.

And if I accomplish my coup on the living room I'll attempt to regain control of the kitchen table from the piles of artwork, craft supplies, library books and school papers. Phase 3 will involve moving barbies out of the office and getting the myriad of half done and mostly forgotten art projects stealthily moved to the bottom of the recycling bin for Monday's trash pick-up.

Oh and don't let me forget that Little One needs to get booted out of the guest room and back into her own bedroom. Sometime during the week she decided she missed her old nursery (which we turned into the guest room) and I decided to let her sleep there for one night rather than continue arguing. Somehow one night turned into the whole week. Sheesh. Wish me luck!