Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The NCLEXs (state board exams) are finally scheduled for Jim. This Friday at 7:30am. The timing sucks a bit because he has to work 2nd shift the day before, which means he's usually not home and asleep until 1am at the earliest. Makes for not much sleep before taking such an important exam. I am completely confident he'll pass with no trouble. It takes 2 business days to get the results so we should know by Wednesday of next week!

I have quite a few mental countdowns going on, here's the list:

Jim's NCLEXs: 3 days
Emily's First Communion: 31 days
Jim's Pinning: 37 days
Jim's Graduation: 38 days
My neice's college graduation from my alma mater: 37 days
Jim's medical mission to Nicaragua: 45 days
Parent's 50th Anniversary Celebration: 94 days
Friend's Adirondack Vacation: 171 days

Friday, March 9, 2012

Change of scenery needed.

I think a weekend away is in order. And an adults only weekend away at that. We generally take a long weekend trip around spring break as a family, when the cabin fever has hit such a fever pitch that we just need to see different scenery. We've gone to Cincinnati a few time and Indiapnapolis since they're both a 2 hour drive and we hit the local kids hot spots, children's museums and parks, that kind of weekend away. I'm thinking of seeing if my brother would be willing to take Emily for a weekend so Jim and I can run away somewhere. I'm envisioning a nice hotel room, pool & spa, maybe go hiking, find an art museum to wander around and let someone else do all the dishes and cooking for 2 or 3 days. A nice getaway and chance to reconnect.

... time to send my brother an email.

Jim update, he will be done with his community service hours on Tuesday of next week. He volunteered this week at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and the Salvation Army Headquarters. He seemed to have really good experiences with both, and of course they'd love him to come back. No one turns away a hardworking volunteer! Next up, get those NCLEXs scheduled!