Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trying to concentrate.

... and it's not going so well. So I'll blog instead and maybe that will allow me to move on with my work day.

We spent the last 10 days in NY visiting family, making the BIG announcement about the baby to both sides of our family, and then spending 6 days in a gorgeous lake house in the Adirondacks with some of our best friends.  This is the 4th year that we've done this "friends" vacation and it is one of my favorites.  Lots of hiking and bonfires, relaxing, catching up and just being with some of my favorite people in my favorite place in the world, ADK.

We all destressed and disconnected from technology and really enjoyed the quiet of being in the mountains. And now we are all having culture shock getting back into work and technology and meetings and beeping reminders to GO GO GO.

I'm trying my best to go back into the flow of work but there is a little nagging reminder in my head that is constantly pulling my concentration away from my work... this new baby.  Emily has decided we should call it Gus rather than "it" or "the baby". So Gus it is, until April at least!

My parents were excited, Jim's were as well, but the best reaction was our friends and our neighbors.  Those are the people who know just how much I wanted this baby and thought that with the way life was rolling that it would never happen for us.  We told our next door neighbors, who are very close friends, yesterday and the screaming that ensued was really really fun!! Emily told her friends at school yesterday and put it up on the Daily News board in her classroom so the cat is really out of the bag in our little town. A little earlier that I would have liked for so many people to know but Emily was so excited I couldn't bear to tell her she couldn't say anything.  I'll be 13 weeks on Saturday so officially in the 2nd trimester.  According to our OB after the ultrasound at 10 1/2 weeks and seeing the heart beat we have less than a 1% chance of miscarrying at this point so hopefully all continues well!

Monday, September 10, 2012

We're Expecting!

I have been waiting to post this news for so long that it almost feels unbelievable to me.  I wanted to wait until after our first ultrasound and to be at least at end of the 1st trimester to make sure all was good with the little one. And it appears to be so! While this blog is really more of a journal for me than anything else I was still hesitant to put anything out there before we saw a heartbeat. Which we got to see this morning along with a tiny face and two little arms and legs moving around. :)

The newest member of our family will be joining us in April, official due date is April 6th.  Some days I'm excited, some days I'm terrified, most days I'm a mix of both.

The first trimester has been going well.  Morning sickness that is really just low-level nausea for most of the day has been tolerable.  The incredible need for sleep is still there but I can actually make it through the day at work without yawning and trying to find a covert spot to nap (empty conference room with a couch please!). I do make up for it on the weekends though with a ridiculous amount of sleep, usually 12 hours total each day.  10 hrs at night plus a nap.

We'll tell Emily sometime this week now that things are confirmed.  We'll be traveling to NY for a vacation at the end of the week and swinging through our hometown on the way so the timing worked out that we'll get to tell both sets of parents in person!

And that's all I have to report for now, kind of anticlimactic but that's because I've had 6 weeks for the news to settle in. If I would have written this post the day I found out it would have been full of tears and drama as mainly I was scared out of my mind when I saw those 2 lines.  "What have we done?!" I'll never sleep again I thought.  And I may not.  But I survived it with Emily, it's not forever.  I'll make it.  I just think that having been through almost 9 years of parenthood already I know exactly how hard it is and how much effort it takes to raise a child right, or what I consider to be right. I sure hope I have the stamina to do it again!