Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day...

First Day of 3rd Grade

Last Monday was Emily's first day of school as a 3rd grader.  Wow.  I swear she just started kindergarten yesterday.  Really.  And now she's bigger than most of the kids at the bus stop and even though there were a few first day butterflies, life as a 3rd grader is pretty good.  She knows her school and how things work inside and out so not too much to be nervous about.

We dropped off school supplies during an open house last week so she got to pick her desk and see her classroom.  This is her first year with a real desk and full-sized chair rather than a table with 3 other kids and a little kid plastic chair. Ahhh... she's growing up.

I try to make the first day of school special because so often we're running just to make the bus on time in the morning.  I got up early and made home-made waffles which was a nice start to the day.  Luckily Jim wasn't working so he got to walk with us to the bus stop on the first day. Emily looked adorable in a new jean skirt and cute top, but her favorite item hands-down was her new shoes.  Nothing special just a pair of brown leather mary-janes with a flower on them and some cute embroidery details.  But she LOVED them and they totally put a little pep in her step that morning.

3rd grade is the first grade that I really have any detailed memories of.  I remember my teacher and some of the things she taught me, we learned cursive that year which I loved and multiplication.  I also vividly remember the arts & crafts our teacher worked on with us and I think that's the first year I really remember being excited about that kind of thing and wanted to do them well.  My teacher, Mrs. Mullin, was a friend of my mom's (my mom is also a teacher) and she lived just a few blocks from us and so I think that connection also helped cement that year in my memory.  I hope the same for Miss Em!

Sending my little pumpkin good wishes for a wonderful school year. And as she says, she'll be my little pumpkin forever... as long as I don't carve her. :) Gotta love that 8 year old sense of humor.

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