Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally time to slow down a bit.

April through the beginning of July were absolutely crazy.  Every weekend I was either away or planning to be away and needing to pack/unpack/organize for the upcoming event.

This past weekend was the first real down time I've had in months and it felt amazing.  Jim was working this weekend so Emily and I puttered around the house a fair bit but I felt really productive.  It was ungodly hot for the past week, with highs over 100 and humidity making the head index somewhere between 110-115.  Forget about going outside.  Saturday after some chores around the house we spent the afternoon at the YMCA indoor pool.  Best move of the weekend.  No sunscreen and no crazy heat to deal with.  Sunday after more chores (I think I tackled every pile of paperwork lying around the house and lots of cleaning) the heat finally broke, highs only up to 88, so we decided to brave the outdoors.  We went to a local botanical garden that is just gorgeous, a nice place for me to play with the "good" camera, not just the usual point and click or my iphone camera.  And there is  a huge children's garden with a tree house, suspended boardwalk and water garden.  We spent 4 hours just wandering around enjoying the not too scorching weather and each others company.

I feel so much more organized today back at the office, like I finally have my head screwed on straight so it's time to get back at it. Lots of deadlines are looming this week.

Small update on Jim, he's on week 6 at his new job and still absolutely loving it.  It's so nice to see him come home with a smile on his face even after 13 hours on his feet at the hospital.

We made a budget for the month of July, the first one ever, honestly how crazy is that.  And that too makes my mind rest, knowing that we have double the income coming in for the first time in 4 years and have planned where it all goes makes managing the finances so much less stressful.  Here's to a relaxed but productive week!

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